About Us

what we are

We are 20+ years of on-premise, ERP application consulting, re-imagined for the cloud.   Before we could modernize your business, we needed to modernize ours…

We fundamentally rethought the services we delivered as well as how we delivered those services.  We rebuilt our services (training, deployment, support) to deliver the same quality at a wider range of price-points.

Who we are

We are a deeply skilled, highly motivated group of professionals with a passion for technology and its value for our client. We are specifically trained in one or more areas of Oracle’s cloud applications.

We come together as a team to define and achieve our collective goals by helping our client’s define and exceed theirs.

what we do

We define and deploy back-office business automation solutions that create and sustain measurable business value for our clients. Furthermore, we are continually seeking to provide better solutions at lower price-points.

Our business focus is on an organization’s accounting, procuring, budgeting and planning, consolidating (to include external application feeds), project management and performance reporting functions.

how we do it

We achieve our collaborative vision by deploying Oracle’s cloud or SaaS applications, as well as integrating those applications with 3rd party, best of breed, cloud-based, tools, applications, and services integrations (i.e. digital signatures, marketplaces, punch-outs, etc.). 

Our OUM-derivative methodology allows us to quickly deploy client-specific solutions and allows our client to grow with those solution over time. 

why we do it

In short, we do what we do to make our client’s and their businesses more successful. 

We want our clients to be the most efficient producer of accounting information, procurer of goods and services, manager of projects, reporter of back-office operational data. 

We want them to be glad they chose Oracle applications and glad they chose OraCloud+ to deploy those applications.

Our history

Prior to 2017, OraCloud+ operated as SRM+.  SRM+ was a PeopleSoft procurement consultancy focused on implementing PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management or SRM applications.  The “+” also stood for 3rd party, best of breed, cloud-based service integrations.

SRM+’s key differentiator was its industry leading procurement process and strategy knowledge, and while OraCloud+ has broadened its application expertise, our foundational remains in procurement.

Our mission